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Many Dentists Are Messing Up Even Basic Filling Procedures Causing Irreversible Damage

What do teeth found in a cave back in 1910 tell us about humans containing Neanderthal DNA? Do humans walking the earth today have some of this DNA? In Dental School 101 we “fill” you in on how other dentists execute fillings incorrectly, which leads to leaking that leads to big cavities and irreversible damage. You would be surprised how many dentists and dental assistants use cheap materials and are not putting fillings in correctly. Listen for the 4 ESSENTIAL questions you need to ask your dentist BEFORE they start your filling procedure. And when will we truly clear the Covid-19 lifestyle restrictions? It may be sooner than you think.

You May Not Feel Discomfort From Periodontal Disease Until It’s Too Late

Dr. Shoup was just out of dental school at a younger age. Hear how a nursing home incident almost caused him to switch careers at that very moment. Then in Dental School 101 there are many preventive measures you can take to avoid dentures as you age. Learn how gum disease can start and then grow worse without you noticing until it’s too late. Hear how you can keep your teeth for the rest of your life. In this week’s CoronaGeddon update, the Dr. discusses current vaccines versus the virus variants and what does South Africa have to do with all this?

How Has the Pandemic Stay at Home Lifestyle Adversely Affected Dental Health?

We start off this episode discussing ancient B.C. time period poop. Yes, that’s right. What does that have to do with your digestive health in 2021? Then “the” Elena makes an appearance on the program. Dr. Shoup’s lead hygienist has some intriguing news on what unique negative effects she is seeing from patients who have been working from home and staying at home more during the last 10 months. And how it’s causing some serious health issues. In this week’s Covid-19 update, is it really true that full population vaccination may take 7 years? Hear how long we may be truly facing the current pandemic conditions.

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