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Tooth by Tooth Robbery

Featured in this episode : What gets Dr. Shoup steaming mad? When other dentists don’t develop strategy and treatment plans with their patients, leading to illogical patterned work that hits the patient’s wallet the hardest and causes Dr. Shoup and his team to restore what the previous dentist said they were restoring. Listen to the full story of a patient who experienced full mouth reconstruction that was not planned out, it turned into a ridiculous tooth by tooth project.

The Tremendous Detail and Planning that Goes into the Annual Kenya Treatment Trip

Featured in this episode : You’ll be shocked about everything that Dr. Shoup and his team have to do before and during their annual treatment trip to Kenya. Their next journey is in June. You’ll hear heartwarming and tear inducing stories of how the team spends every minute possible helping treat, supply and feed truly impoverished children and young adults. You think there’s a poverty problem in the United States? It does not come close to what we see in rural Kenya.

Not Many Offices Have This Technology in the United States

Featured in this episode : The veteran hygienist Elena joins Dr. Shoup to discuss technology she’s been using with patients since January of this year. We’re talking about discovering micro germs on teeth, gums and even on lips, then eradicating this (biofilm) like no other hygiene cleaning can. And she assures it’s as comfortable as a hot shower after a long day. A dental cleaning that’s much more thorough and more comfortable? Hear the details.

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