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New Research Reveals Even More Ways to Prevent Alzheimers

Patient Relationship Coordinator Angela Ward is our featured guest. She has the insider report from her most recent attendance of a health collaboration conference. She details why Dr. Shoup and his team are focusing just as much on sleep patterns, respiratory health and mental health. Also, what recent research reveals about how many environmental factors, diet factors, mental training factors and more elements can lead to or help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Your Dentist is Probably Using Bacteria Filled Water

Did you know that almost all dental offices out there do not regularly treat their equipment water lines with antibacterial methods? Did you know they’re misusing their equipment when applying restoration work, leading to bacteria being buried underneath the nooks and crannies of your teeth? Dr. Shoup’s philosophy is to constantly clean their water lines with cutting edge Ozone technology that leads to literally 0.00% bacteria exposure during cleanings and treatments for their patients. Hear the details of what other dentists are not doing and what Dr. Shoup is doing.

How is Platelet Rich Fibrin Revolutionizing Restorations?

Dr. Shoup spent several days in Phoenix recently battling 110 degrees plus heat, hiking way too early in the morning and collaborating with dental professionals from all over the world. He came back to Indianapolis energized by the latest technological advances; which included a new way to fully restore teeth using your own plasma, stem cells and platelet rich fibrin. How does the whole process work? Listen for the details and so much more.

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