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What Causes Broken Teeth and Which Covid-19 Vaccine is the Best

Neanderthals used to use toothpicks and custom wood instruments 130,000 years ago as the earliest signs of dentistry? Dr. Shoup breaks down the research from recent archeological findings in Croatia. And how do broken teeth come about? It’s typically not just one chomp and suddenly you have a broken tooth. The doctor has the details. Then, which CoronaVirus vaccine is the best one? Which one is the most practical for storage and distribution? Listen for the answers.

Length of Your Tongue Causes Breathing and Sleeping Problems

Do you have the craving bad food and laziness gene or the desire to stay fit gene? Dr. Shoup will explain. And there’s a small piece of skin below your tongue that may be causing some series breathing and sleeping problems. A simple procedure can change your life. Plus, how legit is the latest Covid-19 vaccine news? Dr. Shoup wonders if the delivery, storage, effectiveness and overall logistics will actually be able to work together for a successful roll out. He provides his positives and negatives.

What Causes Cavities Besides Soda and Sugary Drinks?

We start the show with a listener question submitted through Where does the urge to pee come from? Dr. Shoup has the answer. And do you know ALL of the causes of cavities? It’s not just soda and sugary drinks, the Dr. walks you through other reasons adults continue to have cavities no matter how old they are. And why are Covid-19 cases on the rise and where does Indiana stand in comparison to the national trends? We have your answers.

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