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Teeth With Root Canals Can Still Be Rebuilt IF Done The Dr. Shoup Way

We start the show with what is the perfect time to eat dinner for your best whole body health and best sleeping experience? And how eating later in the evening leads to many poor results. About 10 minutes into this episode Dr. Shoup discusses his upcoming international conference duties in Chicago and how he’s going to be teaching dentists to “properly” repair a tooth that’s already had a root canal. Many dentists believe it’s over for the tooth after a root canal. Dr. Shoup disagrees. And during the latest Covid-19 news and trends update, the Dr. walks through how a medical research and drug development procedure that President Trump has been verbally opposed to, actually helped him recover from serious CoronaVirus symptoms.

If You Feel Tooth or Body Pain It May Be Too Late So Do Not Wait

Ireland is taking on Subway in a sales tax legal case, and it’s all because of how they make their bread? Dr. Shoup has the bread battle details. In the 2nd segment we discuss the serious consequences if you put off your dental and whole body health treatments. When pain hits, many times it’s too late and much more invasive treatments need to happen. Do not wait to be checked out, because the outcome can be severe. Plus, the Dr. discusses the economic impact to the American taxpayer with President Donald Trump’s unusual requests for his trip to the hospital after contracting Covid-19.

Why Are So Many Dentists Not Treating Your Teeth Properly

Did you know that eating black licorice could be lethal? Dr. Shoup will explain. And the Dr. is upset again as he learns of another new patient story where their former dentist was suggesting their tooth be pulled rather than saving the tooth with proper treatment. Part of the problem is the terrible dental school training across the country. Hear that full story plus the latest Covid-19 update and what you need to know.

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