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Dr. Shoup is Tired of Wannabe Dental Expert Parents

Part of this episode includes : Why is the doctor seeing more and more children with bad decay and kids’ mouths being riddled with cavities these days? And why are their parents researching with the wrong sources? And why are these parents questioning Dr. Shoup’s prevention tactics and suggested treatments? The doctor had to put some parents firmly back in their rightful places recently. Get ready for some professional venting.

What Critical Errors Were Made During the 2020 Pandemic?

Part of this episode includes : The doctor details what was true and what was false when it comes to the medical risks that all of us faced back in 2020 during the height of the historic pandemic. For the most part, there were countless critical errors made without logical reasoning behind those decisions. Millions of people were adversely affected financially and emotionally. What data was our government and medical facilities messing up? How many people actually died from the virus, in comparison to other medical factors? What would Dr. Shoup have done differently?

A Dentist Convinced Their Patient to do Crowns on 2 Front Teeth then Disaster Struck

Part of this episode includes : Dr. Shoup was asked to provide perspective during a court case where a patient was taking legal action against another dentist, who promised to fix their two front teeth in time for them to do job interviews while facing very important life moments. This dentist proceeded to break down the two front teeth, apply crowns and the teeth did not last long, then completely broke off near the gumline. It’s a heartbreaking story that you need to hear because there was a lack of preparation and a misordering of professional planning. What would Dr. Shoup have done with this patient? He’ll walk you through the details.

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