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Listeners are Asking for Dental Consultations with Cell Phone Pictures?

We start this episode with some exciting news on the molecular research front, researchers are creating new “real teeth” from scratch. This could be the future for replacing dentures. And Dr. Shoup wants some of his listeners to stop doing the following…requests for whether or not someone needs a crown from a cell phone picture. And then the Dr. addresses why grinding down your tooth for a crown is the WRONG way to go. In our latest Covid-19 update, what is causing some uptick in the virus transmission? Is it kids or adults? And the Dr. has some strong opinions about reopening schools and how many days per year students should attend classes, so that America stops trailing other countries in education.

Modern Day Cures for Sensitive to Cold Teeth Other Dentists Are Not Doing

In this week’s episode…are zombies in real life possible? Well, some new research tells us that your brain cells can live and adapt after your heart stops beating. Hear the full findings. And what “truly” causes your teeth to be ultra sensitive to cold liquids or foods? Is there a modern day remedy for this problem aside from specialty toothpaste or temporary measures? Hear Dr. Shoup’s specific remedies. In this week’s Covid-19 update, the virus variants are growing in other parts of the world and now it’s seriously affecting those under the age of 40. This has led to more urgent care hospital beds being occupied by those in their twenties, thirties and forties in a country like Brazil. There is serious risk of this trend coming to the United States soon.

What is True and Not True About Covid-19 Vaccine Risks?

The Pacific Ocean is experiencing a large area (the size of Texas) with 3 feet thick in depth plastic waste. Where did this awful mass of plastic come from? Hear the full story. Then Dr. Shoup takes you through another skeptical new patient story. The Dr. had to use the building of a fence properly analogy to get past the new patient’s several initial consultation push backs. And in your Covid-19 update, we discuss cellular biology and how the various vaccines create different cellular reactions depending on which vaccine you take. And what you SHOULD NOT BE LISTENING to in the news media with several incorrect political and misinformation commentaries currently on TV and online.

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