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Insider Info from the World’s Top Minds in Biomimetic Dentistry

Featured in this episode : What does San Diego, Japan and Indianapolis have in common? A worldwide gathering of the most cutting edge minds in today’s modern dentistry convened last week. Dr. Shoup has all the insider details from the premier dental technological and best practices event on the planet.

Dr. Shoup Receives a Phone Call While Another Dentist Treats Their Patient

Featured in this episode : Dr. Shoup is a busy man during the day, but he will always take the time for phone calls from other dentists if they have questions about his biomimetic microscopic dental practices. In this instance though, a dentist called Dr. Shoup while their patient was sitting in their chair. Their patient had heard the radio messages and the radio show and was requesting inlays and onlays, alternative procedures to crowns…this dentist couldn’t believe what they were requesting, so they picked up the phone.

What is the True Meaning of Holistic Dentistry?

Featured in this episode : If you’re searching for a dentist who specializes in vegan treatments, crystal methodology driven practices…Dr. Shoup is not the guy for you. Listen to learn what really provides the professional basis for the holistic dentistry approach. It involves some instances where patients have been sent to a cardiologist after their initial patient exam. Another patient was sent to the hospital…there is a lot that can be seen from in mouth inflammation and other elements Dr. Shoup sees through microscopic examination. And yes, most other dentists do not do this. Hear how lives are being turned around every day.

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