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Is Non Acidic Teeth Sensitivity Treatment Possible?

Featured in this episode : First, the doctor details some intriguing research with cutting edge teeth sensitivity treatments and materials that have a PH level near 7.0. This alkaline state has never been reached before for this particular approach. And in Ask the Expert let’s just say it’s good to be friends with a futuristic automobile engineer. Dr. Shoup has the inside track on what is coming after electric cars and this new technology could be on the market as soon as 2025.

Why Should You Know About Anterior Drift?

Featured in this episode : A listener messaged the doctor on this website asking why they are having teeth spacing problems with their molars and they’re wondering if a couple of their implants have something to do with it. It’s causing quality of life issues and they need a solution. This provided warning signs to Dr. Shoup. His thorough response includes an explanation of anterior drift and how ancient times skulls help lead to answers.

Dr. Shoup has a Strong Message for all Dentists Doing Root Canals Incorrectly

Featured in this episode : We have an esteemed guest joining us for two full segments. Dr. Cliff Ruddle is a world renown endodontist who is an accomplished root canal specialist. The two doctors discuss why so many dentists are executing poor root canals that lead to short term and long term issues. Dr. Shoup would like to know why Dr. Ruddle is having to fix so many root canals that are not completed correctly?

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