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A Microscopic Dentist Traveled from Panama to Indy to Train with Dr. Shoup

We start this episode with a pretty amazing Arctic circle archeological discovery. A microorganism that was frozen for 24,000 years has been revived and is alive. Hear what scientists are accomplishing with this process. Then we have a special in-studio guest this week! It’s a combined Dental School 101 and Ask the Expert feature as Dr. Juan Carlos from Panama was in Indianapolis for several days to train with Dr. Shoup, to enhance his microscopic dental approaches, and Dr. Juan Carlos also helped Dr. Shoup with some dentist treatment posture techniques that helps lengthen careers. Hear the detailed and informative exchange from two International Professional Leaders!

What is True and Not True About the Causes of Dangerous Gum Recession?

This episode commences with a hero! Which is a giant rat? And it was trained to help clear landmines? Hear what the rodent accomplished. In Dental School 101, what is true and not true about the cause of gum recession? And what is the proper way to treat it? This is critical for you to know! In Ask the Expert the Dr. explains everything you need to know about SPF lotions, the roots of the SPF technology and is it harmful in any way? There’s some info about your summertime skin protection you probably didn’t know!

What Are The Causes Behind Bigger Than Usual Cavity Clusters in 2021?

We start this episode with the question why is 50,000 year old poop being studied? The Dr. provides the research. Why are we seeing bigger clusters of cavities in patients, much bigger problems than previous years? It has to do with saliva, dry mouth and how bacteria plays with it. Dr. Shoup has a battle plan! In our latest Ask the Expert feature, the Dr. unveils why most dental offices with doctors old and young are putting their practice and profits FIRST and the patients SECOND. Hear the industry insider info.

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