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Why Dr. Shoup Suggests Completely the Opposite of What Other Dentists Suggest

What causes custom dentures to erode? It may be a type of sauce and is there a stronger material to fight the erosion? Hear the full story. Has your dentist said one or more of your teeth cannot be fixed? Have you heard your filling cannot be repaired and you need a crown? Or you have a crack and they “think” you need a root canal. Dr. Shoup divulges why other dentists are still practicing unnecessary ancient procedures and what immediate steps you should take. And we conclude this episode with a patient who was not sleeping well and not dreaming at all for over 20 years! Dr. Shoup had a solution.

Smart Technology For Your Teeth and 4 Key Tasks For Your Healthiest 2021

What’s the next smart tech and A.I. technology development? Smart teeth? Dr. Shoup breaks the news for how smart technology can help redevelop your teeth and overall body tissue, hear the intriguing research. And what 4 tasks in 2021 will put you on the permanent road to whole body health? Hear what 4 pillars are necessary. Then the Dr. discusses the disastrous vaccine roll out and he’s very confused why transportation and distribution logistical problems are not being solved. Part of the problem? The United States’ public health organization.

Completely Change How You Think About Oral Care

Did you know your teeth keep a record of what you’ve experienced throughout your life? The doctor will explain. There’s New Year’s resolutions, then there’s life changing oral health resolutions. Hear some important resolutions that we’re confident no other dentist has ever told you before. And even though we’re now in 2021, Dr. Shoup provides his latest Covid-19 commentary. Can you pass on the virus after having your two vaccination shots? Find out. And hear more new facts about the ongoing long term vaccine roll outs.

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