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How Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Can Devastate Your Teeth and Gums

Featured in this episode : The doctor and his team can see the early signs of diabetes by just looking at your inflammation levels in your gum line and other whole body markers. But what if you have already headed down the type 1 or type 2 diabetes road. The negative impacts on your mouth health are worse than you think. We’ll walk you through the details. And do not miss a patient testimony story for the ages. Cindi could not believe one cracked front tooth was going to lead to radical treatment of her 4 front teeth. She fled that dentist and Dr. Shoup had a much less radical solution that drove Cindi to tears.

The Challenges of Treating as Many Kids in Kenya as Possible

Featured in this episode : The doctor recently spent two weeks in Kenya treating, collaborating, and teaching. Every year Dr. Shoup travels over to Kenya to treat as many kids as humanly possible, working with local clinics and orphanages. Every kid he sees has either never had dental work performed on them or they are suffering from severe dental issues that the doctor puts a stop to in one thorough treatment session. Hear all the details about the trip including heartwarming stories and insider info for how he is planning to expand the treatment impact in Kenya and surrounding African countries in the coming years.

How Many Products and Inventions from NASA are You Using Today?

Featured in this episode : From game changing metals being used in several industries, to household products, to even the nostalgic beverage Tang…if you remember that one. You may not know how much NASA engineering has contributed to what we’ve been using in our past and current lives. Plus, the doctor has some health tips if you plan on taking a plane across the country or overseas. What does that airplane cabin air and the high elevation do to your whole body health and what serious risks do you face?

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