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What’s True and Not True About Your Diet Indulgences and Food Preparation?

There’s a new invention that helps rebuild tooth enamel, it’s in the final research stages and we’re talking about a mouth lossage. Learn about all the cutting edge treatments it’s going to provide. In dental school 101 the Dr. broaches Covid-19 eating and drinking habits, and what’s true and not true about our diet indulgences and food preparation. And we’re closing in on the VERY LAST segment dedicated to your weekly CoronaVirus update. The grand finale update will take place before the end of May 2021! But for now, we take a look back at the facts for why the virus spread so fast across America in 2020.

The Biomimetic Tooth Restoration Approach is Very Different Than What Most Dentists Would Do

We start this episode with some quick alphabet origination facts. It can be traced back to 1,500 years before Christ. In Dental school 101 we get technical. How deep can you go into a single tooth to remove decay? When does drilling not make sense and how does the biomimetic approach drastically differ from what most dentists would do? In this week’s Covid 19 update, the federal government had the bright idea to allow dental offices to administer vaccine shots. The Dr. discusses the positives and negatives and why the pharmaceutical companies are not happy about it, plus hear more insider CoronaVirus trends.

What Happens to Your Smile After the End of Public Mask Requirements?

How old is the human race? Scientists may have discovered when the initial human brains were first formed. How can they estimate how many years ago this was? It has something to do with skull fossils and 3D brain scanning technology. In Dental School 101 the Dr. addresses what dental restorations you may be putting off during our mask wearing society. You’ll want to hear how restorations can go very badly with other dentists’ approaches, compared to how Dr. Shoup approaches restoring your molars, and how to avoid big mistakes with your delicate front teeth. In this episode’s Covid-19 update, did you know that if you’ve already had the CoronaVirus, you only need one Pfizer or one Moderna vaccine shot, not two?

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