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Vaping is Destroying Mouths more than Cigarettes

Featured in this episode : Vaping has grown in popularity over the last decade and many are using it as a way to wean themselves off of cigarettes and nicotine. What vapers are ignoring is they’re most likely taking in more nicotine than they did with cigarettes. And did you know one of the chemicals being used in the various flavor profiles is also used in antifreeze? This is just the tip of the iceberg of its serious impact on your mouth and whole body health.

Sugar Substitutes are Causing More Health Issues than Consumers Realize

Featured in this episode : When you’re drinking diet or zero sugar sodas, they’re helping you lose weight and helping you live a healthier life, right? Dr. Shoup has some bad news for the sugar substitute products consumers, based on a recent comprehensive research study out of Israel. When you avoid the real sugar ingredients, you are at a higher risk for diabetes adoption, chronic inflammation and creating a lot of bad bacteria in your stomach and gastrointestinal system. Plus, he has all the info for your “good” sugar substitute products currently on the market.

Can Archaic Denture Construction Be Coming Back?

Featured in this episode : Dr. Shoup called up a colleague when one of his patients was seeking an upgrade to their older generation dentures. He asked his colleague can you do this with this type of material? And the initial answer was “heck no…”. What old school material were they working with and how did they actually make it work? The doctor has the details and so much more in this info packed episode.

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