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What is the Real Problem Behind Front Teeth Chipping Cracking and Grinding? Dr. Shoup Has an Answer and Solution that Other Dentists Are Not Providing

We start this episode with some baby mammals info. How do these babies know where they are going and how do they not bump into things before their eyes are officially opened? The Dr. has the details. In Dental School 101, why are we seeing more front teeth chipping, cracking and grinding damage in 2020 and 2021? Most patients don’t know why they’re causing these issues. Dr. Shoup has the explanation and the solutions that OTHER dentists are not providing. And in Ask The Expert, we’re taking a step back to old world shipping and glass bottle messaging. Are there still centuries old messages in bottles floating around the world’s oceans?

A Mom Ran From Another Dentist’s Mistakes – Dr. Shoup Saved Her Son From a Dark Dental Future

Under the Microscope takes us down the road of how baboon poop is leading to new scientific discoveries to help improve our health in the future. In Dental School 101 a mom was not happy about their current dentist suggesting “watching” some teeth problems, rather than taking a microscopic treatment approach. What mistakes did this dentist make and what did Dr. Shoup do to fix the situation? Hear the full story. In Ask The Expert we discuss what revelations are resulting from making knots, yes, as in rope and other knots, how they are being used by physicists and other scientists to apply a “knot theory” to their professional approaches. And the Dr. will explain how this theory also applies to new dental technology.

What Causes Clicking Teeth and Unusual Impact Sounds?

We start this episode with a question; where can you find some pure glacial ice to make your drink on the beach cold? You could swim out into the Gulf waters south of Florida to find evidence of a massive glacier….that was there 30,000 years ago. In Dental School 101 Dr. Shoup responds to some social media smack talk and guess what, that smack talk actually thought microscope dentistry was not a real thing. In Dental School 101 we address why you may be experiencing a clicking sound after a crown procedure or after you obtain dentures. Guess what, it has something to do with dental procedures done incorrectly, that Dr. Shoup can correct.

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