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Will We Be Able to Regrow Human Bones Soon?

Featured in this episode : Scientists in Brazil are closing in on bone regeneration capabilities. Dr. Shoup is closely following their work as he is always using procedural advancements in preserving your full tooth structure at all costs during the restoration process. When you typically have bone loss in your teeth, you will never regain it. Technological advances that are happening right now, just may be the key to regrowing that lopped off finger, and regrowing healthy bone structure in your tooth as an alternative to implants or dentures.

What Periodic Table Element is Helping Fight Bad Bacteria and Cavities?

Featured in this episode : Something’s been used in dentistry for a long time that helps eliminate bacteria during restorative treatments, but how it’s being used has changed a lot over the years, and it needs to be used correctly/thoroughly for the best lasting effect. This material is also being used in Dr. Shoup’s number one recommended mouthwash and other maintenance products. What element are we talking about? Silver.

What is a Widely Unknown Large Contributor to Heart Attacks Every Year?

Featured in this episode : Daylight savings time was first implemented in America during World War I. Then it came back in World War II. Then it was reintroduced in the 1960s with the help of government lobbyists. Why was it implemented then and why in the world is it still around today? And did you know how many serious health problems it causes every year? Dr. Shoup ain’t happy about it. Hear the inside info and much more!

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