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What Did Dr. Shoup Say That Shocked Dental Students During a Recent Presentation?

We start this episode with some interesting fish navigation facts. Some complex scales and fins info that is contributing to new materials strength technology. In Dental School 101 Dr. Shoup was invited to address a large group of soon to graduate dental students in San Antonio. And their reaction to the Doctor’s presentation of how dental practices “should be operated”…minds…were…blown. In Ask The Expert, you now have a single person on the planet to blame for your lactose intolerance issues. Hear the full story.

Why Do We Actually Need Root Canals? How Can We Avoid Them?

We start this episode talking about some interesting pie facts? In Dental School 101 Dr. Shoup answers the question, “why do we actually need root canals?” And how can we avoid them? Hear the insider answers. In Ask The Expert the Dr. details for you what food is guaranteed to take time off of your life and how much shorter your life will be if you continue to eat these types of foods on a weekly basis.

What is the Right Way and Wrong Way to Create the Best Modern Day Dentures?

What do the color and texture of your fingernails tell you about serious health issues? The Dr. will let you know. In Dental School 101 you’re going to learn about the complicated and not effective fake teeth procedures that were used on George Washington. How does that relate to today’s custom fake teeth and dentures technology? We’ll tell you about the new chemistry, scanning methods, and what new methods you need to avoid. In Ask The Expert the Dr. goes very old school. How was geometry invented? We take you back to Babylonians declaring land ownership. Hear the history and how it relates to modern day math.

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