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Game Changing Gum Cleaning Tech – Say Seeya to Uncomfortable Dental Visits

Featured in this episode : We take another big step forward in dental technology and Dr. Shoup’s team is already treating their patients with these advancements. They were trained by the experienced hygienist Jodi Deming. She is leading the nationwide charge for a revolutionary way to deep clean your teeth and gum line in the most non-invasive way possible. Is it possible to have a day spa dental cleaning experience? Jodi joins Dr. Shoup to discuss all the details.

Gripping and Chilling Stories from the 2022-23 Kenyan Mission Trip

Featured in this episode : Dr. Shoup is joined by his Patient Health Coordinator Angela Ward, who traveled with him to Kenya recently for daily dedication to treating as many children as they possibly could. They faced logistical challenges; from transporting equipment, to maximizing supplies, to treating patients that have never had dental treatment before. All while facing many young patients’ physical and emotional challenges. Dr. Shoup and Angela take us through their entire journey.

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