Tooth by Tooth Robbery

Featured in this episode : What gets Dr. Shoup steaming mad? When other dentists don’t develop strategy and treatment plans with their patients, leading to illogical patterned work that hits the patient’s wallet the hardest and causes Dr. Shoup and his team to restore what the previous dentist said they were restoring. Listen to the full story of a patient who experienced full mouth reconstruction that was not planned out, it turned into a ridiculous tooth by tooth project.

The Tremendous Detail and Planning that Goes into the Annual Kenya Treatment Trip

Featured in this episode : You’ll be shocked about everything that Dr. Shoup and his team have to do before and during their annual treatment trip to Kenya. Their next journey is in June. You’ll hear heartwarming and tear inducing stories of how the team spends every minute possible helping treat, supply and feed truly impoverished children and young adults. You think there’s a poverty problem in the United States? It does not come close to what we see in rural Kenya.

Not Many Offices Have This Technology in the United States

Featured in this episode : The veteran hygienist Elena joins Dr. Shoup to discuss technology she’s been using with patients since January of this year. We’re talking about discovering micro germs on teeth, gums and even on lips, then eradicating this (biofilm) like no other hygiene cleaning can. And she assures it’s as comfortable as a hot shower after a long day. A dental cleaning that’s much more thorough and more comfortable? Hear the details.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Go Great or Terribly Wrong

Featured in this episode : Dr. Shoup will take you inside the details for the most common cosmetic and restorative dental work being accomplished these days. He will walk you through how he typically approaches this work. He will then walk you through a patient story that reveals horrible details during another dentist’s cosmetic procedure that essentially destroyed multiple teeth. And yes, that wouldn’t have happened under Dr. Shoup’s watch.

More Patients Are Experiencing Mysterious Bumps in the Mouth

Featured in this episode : Recent patient visits have featured very worried people wondering where did this bump in my mouth come from? Dr. Shoup has the details on what types of bumps in the mouth you should worry about and which ones you should not worry about. Plus, hear about his recent quick turnaround trip to Japan with just a couple days to go there and back. He details his featured presentation and all the amazing new technology that has not made it to the States yet.

How Dental Offices Consolidation Across the Country Will Impact You

Featured in this episode : The days of your trusted local dental office where you see the same doctor every time, you see the same hygienist every time, those days are coming to an end. It started with a company called Heartland Dental. Dr. Shoup has your full details of how the rise of “impersonal retail dentistry” started and how offices like his, that focus on fiscally smart non-invasive personal treatment plans, may not exist in the next 5 to 10 years. Listen now to stay ahead of the concerning curve.

There are Good Sugars that Prevent Cavities?

Featured in this episode : There is a lot of bad sugar usage still going on these days. So why don’t more Americans use and consume the two naturally plant based sugars more often in their cooking and baking? This is real sugar that tastes great, it’s widely available, and it’s not a substitute sweetener. Dr. Shoup has your insider info for tasty eating that will also thoroughly fight the bad bacteria in your mouth.

Why Are Most Dentists Trying to Destroy Your Tooth All the Way to a Root Canal?

Featured in this episode : Dr. Shoup has been collaborating with a colleague in Brazil to further combat the quick movement by most dentists who drill down on teeth, get crowns placed as soon as possible then move as quickly as possible to root canals. What new research that has not been published yet, will help further prevent the loss of tooth structure and prevent your teeth from falling out of your gums? And what does Dr. Shoup have to say to all those dentists out there who are still drilling, filling and over billing?

A Young Dentist’s Misdiagnosis That Went Terribly Wrong

Featured in this episode : The doctor walked into a new patient intake meeting to find his Patient Coordinator Angela visibly upset. She had just learned the story of this patient who received not one, not two, but three major molars procedures that were never needed in the first place. How did the previous dentist grossly misdiagnose facial and jaw pain? Hear the shocking story and how Dr. Shoup properly diagnosed the issue.

Why Should You Care About Cytokines?

Featured in this episode : In Dental School 101 Dr. Shoup details some new research that can cut down a lot of time in diagnosing serious inflammation in the mouth and the entire body. What are we now learning from how cytokines help reveal and fight disease? And in Ask the Expert, Dr. Eric Cornelius joins the show. He recently attended a collaboration conference in San Antonio. This very experienced dentist thought he was extremely thorough with all of his procedures, until he saw Dr. Shoup’s presentations.