Why Do Most Dentists Force Feed Unnecessary Procedures

Featured in this episode : What are other dentists doing wrong during the initial treatment process? Well, a patient reached out to Dr. Shoup online as one of the most recent victims. They were told they had to get into their dentist’s office for 3 separate treatments as soon as possible. This patient became very skeptical after this process started. They immediately reached out to Microscope Dentistry by Shoup to seek out the truth.

Game Changing Gum Cleaning Tech – Say Seeya to Uncomfortable Dental Visits

Featured in this episode : We take another big step forward in dental technology and Dr. Shoup’s team is already treating their patients with these advancements. They were trained by the experienced hygienist Jodi Deming. She is leading the nationwide charge for a revolutionary way to deep clean your teeth and gum line in the most non-invasive way possible. Is it possible to have a day spa dental cleaning experience? Jodi joins Dr. Shoup to discuss all the details.

Gripping and Chilling Stories from the 2022-23 Kenyan Mission Trip

Featured in this episode : Dr. Shoup is joined by his Patient Health Coordinator Angela Ward, who traveled with him to Kenya recently for daily dedication to treating as many children as they possibly could. They faced logistical challenges; from transporting equipment, to maximizing supplies, to treating patients that have never had dental treatment before. All while facing many young patients’ physical and emotional challenges. Dr. Shoup and Angela take us through their entire journey.

Dr. Shoup Details How His Team Will Be Changing Lives in Kenya

Featured in this episode : Dr. Shoup has fought the logistical challenges through the pandemic along with local Kenya resources challenges. Nothing will keep him and his team from arriving in Kenya just after Christmas to treat as many children as humanly possible through the holiday season. Learn what they’ll be accomplishing on a daily basis over the course of two weeks.

Will it be a White Christmas for Your Teeth?

Featured in this episode : Not all whitening treatments are created equal. Many people want whiter teeth for holiday gatherings and there’s a lot of complaining going on out there with out of office treatments. And then there are the straight up scams with online products people are buying that are damaging their teeth. Dr. Shoup will direct you toward the most professional and cost effective whitening treatments available right now.

Dr. Shoup Has a Heated Patient Discussion

Featured in this episode : Why would someone favor their own Google research over the decades of experience Dr. Shoup possesses? Why would a patient who had comprehensive restoration work accomplished by Dr. Shoup several years ago, then visit other dentists to accomplish what they think should be done? And why would that same patient then come back to Dr. Shoup with self inflicted issues and disagree with his professional assessments? Let’s chalk part of it up to a strange anomaly and we’ll let you listen in for the full convoluted story.

A Unique New York NY Broadway Performance

Featured in this episode : Dr. Shoup spent his Thanksgiving weekend doing what? Teaching. Dentists traveled to New York City from all over the world to learn about biomimetic dentistry best practices. Some of those dentists revealed to the doctor they may not be doing some basic preventative prep work prior to common restoration procedures. It was a weekend full of Dr. Shoup and other partner presenters changing how dental professionals think about dentistry. Hear the full recap and much more in this info packed episode.

Is Non Acidic Teeth Sensitivity Treatment Possible?

Featured in this episode : First, the doctor details some intriguing research with cutting edge teeth sensitivity treatments and materials that have a PH level near 7.0. This alkaline state has never been reached before for this particular approach. And in Ask the Expert let’s just say it’s good to be friends with a futuristic automobile engineer. Dr. Shoup has the inside track on what is coming after electric cars and this new technology could be on the market as soon as 2025.

Why Should You Know About Anterior Drift?

Featured in this episode : A listener messaged the doctor on this website asking why they are having teeth spacing problems with their molars and they’re wondering if a couple of their implants have something to do with it. It’s causing quality of life issues and they need a solution. This provided warning signs to Dr. Shoup. His thorough response includes an explanation of anterior drift and how ancient times skulls help lead to answers.