A Patient Was Tired of Their Dentist’s Mistakes So They Ran to Dr. Shoup

Featured in this episode : Would you believe that a new patient was seeing problems with their old fillings that their own dentist was not seeing? Hear the full story of how fillings that were done incorrectly a couple decades ago led this patient’s dentist to recently suggest procedures that this patient never needed. When Dr. Shoup showed him an ultra magnified image of the teeth he was having problems with, the patient noticed issues that his previous dentist never saw. Hear what steps Dr. Shoup took to rectify and restore those teeth without invasive procedures.

Dr. Shoup and His Team Have New Technology and Procedures to Announce

Featured in this episode : Some of the most common feedback we hear from our new patients is the technology, examination organization and overall team care that they have never experienced before. Dr. Shoup has some new exciting developments that he’ll speak to in detail. New equipment, new processes and more, that will further improve your patient care right now and in the future.

Why is the Dr. Seeing So Many Cracked and Ground Down Teeth?

Featured in this episode : The past several months Dr. Shoup has been seeing a pattern when treating new and existing patients. There’s more cracked teeth and more ground down teeth than usual. What is causing this rise in these specific conditions? Plus, hear what you need to do immediately after cracking a tooth prior to coming into the office for treatment. It will dramatically increase the chances of your tooth being fully restored in structure and it will preserve its appearance.

Unexpected Kenya Trip Challenges and a Near Death Experience

Featured in this episode : Dr. Shoup encountered some challenges with school administrators to treat as many kids as he could during his recent mission trip in Kenya. And then the doctor came down with an unexpected nasty virus while on safari. Was he able to make the long trip back to Nairobi in time for treatment? Hear this captivating story and much more.

Learn How Dr. Shoup and His Team Are Changing Kids Lives in Kenya

Featured in this episode : The majority of the children in Kenya simply never receive dental care as they grow up. Especially in the rural areas where disciplined education is the highest priority and health care is a distant second. Hear more about the annual Dr. Shoup mission trip to Kenya and how they are providing school supplies, meals that these kids have never experienced before and of course the best dental care that they have never received before. This year the Dr. is giving up his Thanksgiving holiday week and the first week of December for this crucial 2021 trip.

A Dentist Visiting From Florida Could Not Believe Dr. Shoup’s Tech and Patient Evaluation Process

Featured in this episode : Dr. Christopher Laing from Tallahassee Florida started learning about microscopic dental treatments several years ago. He was blown away and dove into learning more. Then he met Dr. Shoup 4 years ago at a professional collaboration event. They stayed in touch and then Dr. Laing had to see for himself in person, if the Microscope Dentistry by Shoup office processes, technology, and team members actually delivered on all their promises. Hear his full comprehensive review.

Is Your Dentist a Carpenter or an Exterminator?

Featured in this episode : Why are most dentists better carpenters than exterminators? It has something to do with most dentists blaming cavities and gum disease on the patient’s habits. Well guess what…how can they blame the patient when the patient is brushing and flossing like they’ve been instructed to do? Dr. Shoup explains what many elements of the extermination process that most dental practices ignore and what professional extermination has to happen to literally never have cavities and other problems ever again.

A Dentist Could Have Avoided Critical Mistakes if They Had Just Used Magnification

Featured in this episode : Yet another new patient came to Dr. Shoup saying their former dentist was suggesting several teeth be pulled. What Dr. Shoup found was yet another major mistake that their former dentist caused. When trying to fix one tooth, this dentist caused considerable damage to the teeth on either side of it and blamed the resulting issues on regular wear and tear. What was one of this former dentist’s issues? He was not using magnification when executing the procedure. That’s just the beginning of this story.

What’s the Silent Killer in Your Mouth that Can Lead to Major Health Problems?

Featured within this episode : in Dental School 101 the Dr. details a silent killer. Yes, that’s right, it’s a type of bacteria that lives below the surface of your gums. Even if you’re a good brusher and eating healthily, this bacteria can still lead to an intense immune system response. Then worse things can happen. Hear what may be normal for you is far from normal after microscopic examination and discovery. An examination can save you from having a stroke or a heart attack.