What Causes Broken Teeth and Which Covid-19 Vaccine is the Best

Neanderthals used to use toothpicks and custom wood instruments 130,000 years ago as the earliest signs of dentistry? Dr. Shoup breaks down the research from recent archeological findings in Croatia. And how do broken teeth come about? It’s typically not just one chomp and suddenly you have a broken tooth. The doctor has the details. Then, which CoronaVirus vaccine is the best one? Which one is the most practical for storage and distribution? Listen for the answers.

Length of Your Tongue Causes Breathing and Sleeping Problems

Do you have the craving bad food and laziness gene or the desire to stay fit gene? Dr. Shoup will explain. And there’s a small piece of skin below your tongue that may be causing some series breathing and sleeping problems. A simple procedure can change your life. Plus, how legit is the latest Covid-19 vaccine news? Dr. Shoup wonders if the delivery, storage, effectiveness and overall logistics will actually be able to work together for a successful roll out. He provides his positives and negatives.

What Causes Cavities Besides Soda and Sugary Drinks?

We start the show with a listener question submitted through DDSradio.com. Where does the urge to pee come from? Dr. Shoup has the answer. And do you know ALL of the causes of cavities? It’s not just soda and sugary drinks, the Dr. walks you through other reasons adults continue to have cavities no matter how old they are. And why are Covid-19 cases on the rise and where does Indiana stand in comparison to the national trends? We have your answers.

Receive New Medications Through Chewing Gum and Dr. Shoup Is Elected President

Pharmaceutical companies are using robotic jaws to test chewing gum as a new way to deliver medications, Dr. Shoup has the scoop. And the Dr. was just elected President! … of a prestigious national dental collaboration association, hear the insider info for that national initiative. And it’s the never ending CoronaGeddon update. Why is the news media still reporting Covid-19 statistics from the wrong perspective? Dr. Shoup sets them straight!

Dr. Shoup Tells a New Patient Story You Will Not Believe

Did you know Chinese food can help your dental health? Well…certain types of Chinese food will. Then you’ll hear a scary tale about how a new patient’s previous dentist took shortcuts with x-ray procedures and shortcuts with other procedures that the patient was not aware of until he sat down with Dr. Shoup. And hear your latest Covid-19 update. Dr. Shoup has a proposal for how our government SHOULD be managing this ongoing crisis for every American citizen and business, in terms of financial aid and proper vaccine procedures.

Teeth With Root Canals Can Still Be Rebuilt IF Done The Dr. Shoup Way

We start the show with what is the perfect time to eat dinner for your best whole body health and best sleeping experience? And how eating later in the evening leads to many poor results. About 10 minutes into this episode Dr. Shoup discusses his upcoming international conference duties in Chicago and how he’s going to be teaching dentists to “properly” repair a tooth that’s already had a root canal. Many dentists believe it’s over for the tooth after a root canal. Dr. Shoup disagrees. And during the latest Covid-19 news and trends update, the Dr. walks through how a medical research and drug development procedure that President Trump has been verbally opposed to, actually helped him recover from serious CoronaVirus symptoms.

If You Feel Tooth or Body Pain It May Be Too Late So Do Not Wait

Ireland is taking on Subway in a sales tax legal case, and it’s all because of how they make their bread? Dr. Shoup has the bread battle details. In the 2nd segment we discuss the serious consequences if you put off your dental and whole body health treatments. When pain hits, many times it’s too late and much more invasive treatments need to happen. Do not wait to be checked out, because the outcome can be severe. Plus, the Dr. discusses the economic impact to the American taxpayer with President Donald Trump’s unusual requests for his trip to the hospital after contracting Covid-19.

Why Are So Many Dentists Not Treating Your Teeth Properly

Did you know that eating black licorice could be lethal? Dr. Shoup will explain. And the Dr. is upset again as he learns of another new patient story where their former dentist was suggesting their tooth be pulled rather than saving the tooth with proper treatment. Part of the problem is the terrible dental school training across the country. Hear that full story plus the latest Covid-19 update and what you need to know.

Patient Was Told by Their Dentist They Needed a Tooth Pulled – Dr. Shoup Disagreed

Are we able to medically regrow body parts right now? Find out. Then Dr. Shoup has another OMG moment when yet another patient didn’t feel comfortable following the advice of their now “former” dentist, who said they needed yet another tooth pulled and it could not be saved. They then sat down with Dr. Shoup and the tooth was savable, hear the full story. And it’s the latest Covid-19 update but this time Dr. Shoup focuses on the latest Indiana statistics. Hoosiers are in much better shape than local officials and the national media are portraying.

How Mucus Travels and Affects Your Inner Body Health

We start the show with research and development that could save us from mosquito transmitted diseases. Then we go down a road you may think you want nothing to do with but as always Dr. Shoup brings his unique perspective by answering the question, why does our body produce mucus? How does it help protect us when we inhale something bad like harmful air particulates? You’ll hear the answers! And we have another Covid-19 update, Dr. Shoup and other board members of an Indiana University fraternity have figured out how to stop the spread of the CoronaVirus with specific actions they are taking right now. So why isn’t Indiana University as a whole taking these same steps? You’ll want to hear the full story.