What is the Real Problem Behind Front Teeth Chipping Cracking and Grinding? Dr. Shoup Has an Answer and Solution that Other Dentists Are Not Providing

We start this episode with some baby mammals info. How do these babies know where they are going and how do they not bump into things before their eyes are officially opened? The Dr. has the details. In Dental School 101, why are we seeing more front teeth chipping, cracking and grinding damage in 2020 and 2021? Most patients don’t know why they’re causing these issues. Dr. Shoup has the explanation and the solutions that OTHER dentists are not providing. And in Ask The Expert, we’re taking a step back to old world shipping and glass bottle messaging. Are there still centuries old messages in bottles floating around the world’s oceans?

A Mom Ran From Another Dentist’s Mistakes – Dr. Shoup Saved Her Son From a Dark Dental Future

Under the Microscope takes us down the road of how baboon poop is leading to new scientific discoveries to help improve our health in the future. In Dental School 101 a mom was not happy about their current dentist suggesting “watching” some teeth problems, rather than taking a microscopic treatment approach. What mistakes did this dentist make and what did Dr. Shoup do to fix the situation? Hear the full story. In Ask The Expert we discuss what revelations are resulting from making knots, yes, as in rope and other knots, how they are being used by physicists and other scientists to apply a “knot theory” to their professional approaches. And the Dr. will explain how this theory also applies to new dental technology.

What Causes Clicking Teeth and Unusual Impact Sounds?

We start this episode with a question; where can you find some pure glacial ice to make your drink on the beach cold? You could swim out into the Gulf waters south of Florida to find evidence of a massive glacier….that was there 30,000 years ago. In Dental School 101 Dr. Shoup responds to some social media smack talk and guess what, that smack talk actually thought microscope dentistry was not a real thing. In Dental School 101 we address why you may be experiencing a clicking sound after a crown procedure or after you obtain dentures. Guess what, it has something to do with dental procedures done incorrectly, that Dr. Shoup can correct.

How Does Repairing the Liberty Bell Apply to Biomimetic Cracked Teeth Repair?

Where in the world can you buy a unique blue or pink colored designer dog? What’s causing the blue and pink fur and skin colors? Dr. Shoup has your answers! In Dental School 101, how does the Liberty Bell repair process in Philadelphia relate to how cracks in teeth should be treated? And what are so many dentists out there doing wrong? Then what are the risks of making out with your girlfriend or boyfriend that have a serious underlying mouth bacteria problem…even when your mouth has no bad bacteria? A girl had impeccable oral hygiene, but her first visit with Dr. Shoup revealed some startling bad news. Hear the full story and how the Dr. is attacking the problem.

A Microscopic Dentist Traveled from Panama to Indy to Train with Dr. Shoup

We start this episode with a pretty amazing Arctic circle archeological discovery. A microorganism that was frozen for 24,000 years has been revived and is alive. Hear what scientists are accomplishing with this process. Then we have a special in-studio guest this week! It’s a combined Dental School 101 and Ask the Expert feature as Dr. Juan Carlos from Panama was in Indianapolis for several days to train with Dr. Shoup, to enhance his microscopic dental approaches, and Dr. Juan Carlos also helped Dr. Shoup with some dentist treatment posture techniques that helps lengthen careers. Hear the detailed and informative exchange from two International Professional Leaders!

What is True and Not True About the Causes of Dangerous Gum Recession?

This episode commences with a hero! Which is a giant rat? And it was trained to help clear landmines? Hear what the rodent accomplished. In Dental School 101, what is true and not true about the cause of gum recession? And what is the proper way to treat it? This is critical for you to know! In Ask the Expert the Dr. explains everything you need to know about SPF lotions, the roots of the SPF technology and is it harmful in any way? There’s some info about your summertime skin protection you probably didn’t know!

What Are The Causes Behind Bigger Than Usual Cavity Clusters in 2021?

We start this episode with the question why is 50,000 year old poop being studied? The Dr. provides the research. Why are we seeing bigger clusters of cavities in patients, much bigger problems than previous years? It has to do with saliva, dry mouth and how bacteria plays with it. Dr. Shoup has a battle plan! In our latest Ask the Expert feature, the Dr. unveils why most dental offices with doctors old and young are putting their practice and profits FIRST and the patients SECOND. Hear the industry insider info.

What Questions Are Dentists Not Asking Their Patients Which Leads to Unnecessary and Incorrect Procedures?

This episode begins with a record setting archeological discovery in Africa. A 78,000 years old careful community burial of a young child. We have the details. In Dental School 101, Dr. Shoup tells you the main question that other dentists NEVER ask, leading to unnecessary or incorrect treatments. Hear what questions Dr. Shoup asks, leading to much better results. And in the return of our Ask the Expert feature, the Dr. reports on a chemical used in killing insects within the last 70 years, leading to cancer being found in harmless wildlife like sea lions, birds and others. Hear the insider details that have the public up in arms.

How Do You Get Cavities When You Brush All The Time While Avoiding Sugar and Acidic Drinks?

We start with a pesky summer pest. Florida is creating a genetically engineered batch of mosquitoes to release them out in the wild, to combat the most dangerous mosquitoes already out there. Then Dr. Shoup addresses a new patient question. Why am I getting cavities when I brush and floss all the time without doing sweets or acidic drinks? The Dr. answers this question and discusses tooth flaws other dentists are not catching early enough. And it’s the LAST COVID-19 UPDATE! We are officially retiring this segment after this week! Hear the latest insider info and where the country is heading in the coming months.

What’s True and Not True About Your Diet Indulgences and Food Preparation?

There’s a new invention that helps rebuild tooth enamel, it’s in the final research stages and we’re talking about a mouth lossage. Learn about all the cutting edge treatments it’s going to provide. In dental school 101 the Dr. broaches Covid-19 eating and drinking habits, and what’s true and not true about our diet indulgences and food preparation. And we’re closing in on the VERY LAST segment dedicated to your weekly CoronaVirus update. The grand finale update will take place before the end of May 2021! But for now, we take a look back at the facts for why the virus spread so fast across America in 2020.