Will We Be Able to Regrow Human Bones Soon?

Featured in this episode : Scientists in Brazil are closing in on bone regeneration capabilities. Dr. Shoup is closely following their work as he is always using procedural advancements in preserving your full tooth structure at all costs during the restoration process. When you typically have bone loss in your teeth, you will never regain it. Technological advances that are happening right now, just may be the key to regrowing that lopped off finger, and regrowing healthy bone structure in your tooth as an alternative to implants or dentures.

What Periodic Table Element is Helping Fight Bad Bacteria and Cavities?

Featured in this episode : Something’s been used in dentistry for a long time that helps eliminate bacteria during restorative treatments, but how it’s being used has changed a lot over the years, and it needs to be used correctly/thoroughly for the best lasting effect. This material is also being used in Dr. Shoup’s number one recommended mouthwash and other maintenance products. What element are we talking about? Silver.

What is a Widely Unknown Large Contributor to Heart Attacks Every Year?

Featured in this episode : Daylight savings time was first implemented in America during World War I. Then it came back in World War II. Then it was reintroduced in the 1960s with the help of government lobbyists. Why was it implemented then and why in the world is it still around today? And did you know how many serious health problems it causes every year? Dr. Shoup ain’t happy about it. Hear the inside info and much more!

Why are Dental Patients Having More and More Headaches?

Featured in this episode : There’s yet another disturbing trend that Dr. Shoup and his team are seeing on a weekly basis. Patients complaining of headaches and migraines who can’t figure out the cause. Did they think about their daily posture? Did you know there are countless patients now who are unable to tilt their head back in the dental chair in a natural position? But do not ask them to stop looking down at their phones, despite the consistent neck and head pain that can also turn chronic.

Why are Other Dentists Causing Pain After Fillings?

Featured in this episode : Dr. Shoup is seeing another upsetting trend with several new patients coming to him after other dentists could not figure out their pain problem. It has to do with fillings being done incorrectly, while destroying much more of the tooth than was necessary. After the patients report the pain, the dentists do some more grinding down of the tooth and send them on their way. Then the pain persists. Dr. Shoup knows what the problem is right away and how to solve it.

Can Your Teeth Eat Themselves and Fully Dissolve?

Featured in this episode : Have you heard of internal resorption? Many dentists have but not many have the newest ways to approach this problem. Dr. Shoup is working with a fellow colleague in Indianapolis to stop your teeth from attacking themselves regardless of what your diet and mouth care approach is. Hear how the professional duo are approaching this very serious issue.

Do Dental Treatments Make You Gag?

Featured in this episode : Sometimes Dr. Shoup and his team encounter patients who cannot get through basic or not basic procedures without gagging. And the patients may not be able to even brush their teeth at home without gagging. What are the modern methods that put a complete stop to this horrible feeling when someone’s in the dental chair or doing home care? The doc has a new revolutionary method resulting in full relief.

Scientists are Trying to Regrow Organs but What About Regrowing Teeth?

Part of this episode includes : There was cloning of sheep. Then the current attempts of cloning new healthy organs. The doctor has some exciting news stemming from research and development in Japan. The days of fully relying on dentures or implants after the destruction of your original healthy teeth may be coming to an end soon.

Can Your Dentist Diagnose and Treat Poor Sleep Side Effects?

Part of this episode includes : Do you know how to tell if your very young child is not getting enough deep REM sleep? Do you know what serious short term and long term effects this can have on them? What about sleep problems that develop later in life? And guess what, not many family doctors let alone dentists ever pay attention to these details during examinations. But Dr. Shoup and his team does.

Two Dentists Searched Far and Wide to Find Each Other

Part of this episode includes : Dr. Shoup has traveled the world to teach other dentists his precise biomimetic methods. Over the last couple of years he has also been searching for a new associate dentist to train in his practice and become more involved in the day to day treatment of patients. A gentleman named Dr. Frank Fu happened to be attending a conference featuring a comprehensive teaching session by Dr. Shoup. We’ll let our radio show host take it from there.