A Patient Procedural and Financial Abuse Story You Will Not Believe

Featured on this week’s episode : in Dental School 101 a new patient could not believe what they learned during their consultation with Dr. Shoup. It involves their former dentist executing repeated procedural mistakes that the dentist blamed on this patient, while this dentist consistently “made up reasons” for the patient to keep coming back for additional ridiculous and unneeded procedures. When this dentist made yet another procedural suggestion, the patient recalled hearing a No Need For Crowns radio message from Dr. Shoup. Hear what happened next and the full hard to believe story.

Dentists Who Cater to Insurance Companies Causes a Lot of Problems

In Dental School 101 we take you behind the curtain to show you how the majority of dental offices cater to insurance companies and how it restricts the treatments that you should be receiving, while increasing how many times you go to the dentist. Dr. Shoup takes a different approach that is much less restrictive and one part of the approach…not catering to the insurance companies. Hear the full strategy. In Ask The Expert the Dr. explains why there’s a big increase of seaweed in the Atlantic Ocean that overwhelms beaches and resorts. The cause comes from far away and there’s rich minerals being extracted from this big problem.

Dr. Shoup Presents and Reviews New Cutting Edge Dental Technology

We start this episode by letting you know how farmers and scientists are working together to fight ammonia food treatment shortages. Some German scientists have found a more environmentally friendly way through growing bacteria plant treatments. In Dental School 101 the Dr. details his exciting new technology conference he attended and presented for in Las Vegas. Hear about the new 3D microscopic treatment equipment that he tested and other new tech news! In Ask The Expert we present a new perspective on the destruction of cities and how it’s tied to Biblical history.

What Did Dr. Shoup Say That Shocked Dental Students During a Recent Presentation?

We start this episode with some interesting fish navigation facts. Some complex scales and fins info that is contributing to new materials strength technology. In Dental School 101 Dr. Shoup was invited to address a large group of soon to graduate dental students in San Antonio. And their reaction to the Doctor’s presentation of how dental practices “should be operated”…minds…were…blown. In Ask The Expert, you now have a single person on the planet to blame for your lactose intolerance issues. Hear the full story.

Why Do We Actually Need Root Canals? How Can We Avoid Them?

We start this episode talking about some interesting pie facts? In Dental School 101 Dr. Shoup answers the question, “why do we actually need root canals?” And how can we avoid them? Hear the insider answers. In Ask The Expert the Dr. details for you what food is guaranteed to take time off of your life and how much shorter your life will be if you continue to eat these types of foods on a weekly basis.

What is the Right Way and Wrong Way to Create the Best Modern Day Dentures?

What do the color and texture of your fingernails tell you about serious health issues? The Dr. will let you know. In Dental School 101 you’re going to learn about the complicated and not effective fake teeth procedures that were used on George Washington. How does that relate to today’s custom fake teeth and dentures technology? We’ll tell you about the new chemistry, scanning methods, and what new methods you need to avoid. In Ask The Expert the Dr. goes very old school. How was geometry invented? We take you back to Babylonians declaring land ownership. Hear the history and how it relates to modern day math.

How is Dr. Shoup Trying to Change Kids’ Lives in Kenya?

We start this episode off with the Doctor’s curiosity of why air traffic control tower windows are always positioned at an angle? There’s a lot of reasons that are not true. We’ll tell you the real reasons. Then Dr. Shoup takes you over to Kenya to describe the unbelievable dental issues those kids face over their lifetime. And how his annual dental mission trip works as they take two full weeks working all hours of the day and night, to treat as many kids as possible from all over the country. Hear the amazing details and real life stories. And in Ask The Expert, the Dr. discovered something after many hours of lab work that led him to some more research, to find out the TRUE reason your fingers and toes wrinkle after being in water for a long time.

What Does a Lightning Storm and a Toy Train Have To Do With Dentistry?

It’s not shark week on the Dr. Shoup Show, but we’re looking back at one of the earliest fatal shark attacks that occurred 6,000 years ago. What did the researchers find out? In Dental School 101 the Dr. answers the question; how can a lightning storm and an electronic toy train create pristine dental treatment? Then in Ask The Expert, what whole body acidic problems is the Dr. seeing resulting from long term chronic mask wearers? Hear the details.

What is the Real Problem Behind Front Teeth Chipping Cracking and Grinding? Dr. Shoup Has an Answer and Solution that Other Dentists Are Not Providing

We start this episode with some baby mammals info. How do these babies know where they are going and how do they not bump into things before their eyes are officially opened? The Dr. has the details. In Dental School 101, why are we seeing more front teeth chipping, cracking and grinding damage in 2020 and 2021? Most patients don’t know why they’re causing these issues. Dr. Shoup has the explanation and the solutions that OTHER dentists are not providing. And in Ask The Expert, we’re taking a step back to old world shipping and glass bottle messaging. Are there still centuries old messages in bottles floating around the world’s oceans?

A Mom Ran From Another Dentist’s Mistakes – Dr. Shoup Saved Her Son From a Dark Dental Future

Under the Microscope takes us down the road of how baboon poop is leading to new scientific discoveries to help improve our health in the future. In Dental School 101 a mom was not happy about their current dentist suggesting “watching” some teeth problems, rather than taking a microscopic treatment approach. What mistakes did this dentist make and what did Dr. Shoup do to fix the situation? Hear the full story. In Ask The Expert we discuss what revelations are resulting from making knots, yes, as in rope and other knots, how they are being used by physicists and other scientists to apply a “knot theory” to their professional approaches. And the Dr. will explain how this theory also applies to new dental technology.