The Dr. Details a Seattle Collaboration and Your Dentist is Probably Not in the Know

Featured in this episode : During the many variations of restoration work, you may have heard of the term “bonding” as part of the process. It’s a critical phase to help prevent the restoration from failing for several years to come. So why are so many dentists’ restorations failing far too early and far too often? Part of it is not using the complex bonding materials in the proper way and skipping steps during application. The doctor was recently in Seattle to show other dentists what they’re doing wrong.

Dr. Shoup and His Team of Teachers Had Jaws Dropping During Their Austin TX Presentations

Featured in this episode : The lecture hall was filled with dental students and currently practicing dentists. The doctor posed the scenario; raise your hand if you would apply a crown as your next step in this situation. The entire room immediately raised their hands. The doc proceeded to visually display what he specifically would do. There was sweeping disbelief and shock. Hear the full story and what comments flooded in after the presentation.

How Are Patients Reacting to Revolutionary Hygienic Cleaning Methods?

Featured in this episode : We’re receiving daily patient feedback from Microscope Dentistry by Shoup’s recently implemented EMS airflow dental hygiene system. Only a few offices in the country are using this, and the results have been stunningly great. Including patients saying their teeth have never felt cleaner, they’re feeling silky smooth for longer periods of time and even those with gum recession are experiencing complete comfort during the cleaning process. Hear about that and much more.

Dr. Shoup Was Invited to an Austin TX Event and He May End Up Fighting Other Speakers

Featured in this episode : Regretfully there are still dental industry conferences out there teaching dentists 150 year old tactics that are “somewhat” updated for today like crowns and root canals procedures. So why in the world was Dr. Shoup invited to a conference that was not focused on much more modern and less invasive biomimetic methods? He’ll be the only speaker there teaching these cutting edge tactics. Hear the full story.

How Are Improper Chemicals Standing in the Way of Proper Root Canals?

Featured in this episode : A colleague in Brazil released research to Dr. Shoup prior to releasing it to the public. They wanted to confer and confirm that certain chemicals are being used by most dental professionals which are leading to improper root canal procedures. They did confirm that most dentists are doing the step by step process backwards and it is costing the patient dearly in the short term and long term. And in Ask the Expert the doctor reveals a pre-birth practice that is destroying the Mom’s and baby’s good gut bacteria. So why do doctors keep doing it?

What Lies Are Other Dentists Telling About Serious Decay Repair

Featured in this episode : Most dentists make the mistake of attacking your tooth when repairing critical decay. They typically start too late, they typically take too much of the natural tooth and if that wasn’t enough? They also could be leaving underlying decay behind that undermines the restoration work, shortening the life of that restoration by several years. Hear the full details in Dental School 101. Then stay tuned for Ask the Expert and our featured patient story.

Why Do Most Dentists Force Feed Unnecessary Procedures

Featured in this episode : What are other dentists doing wrong during the initial treatment process? Well, a patient reached out to Dr. Shoup online as one of the most recent victims. They were told they had to get into their dentist’s office for 3 separate treatments as soon as possible. This patient became very skeptical after this process started. They immediately reached out to Microscope Dentistry by Shoup to seek out the truth.

Game Changing Gum Cleaning Tech – Say Seeya to Uncomfortable Dental Visits

Featured in this episode : We take another big step forward in dental technology and Dr. Shoup’s team is already treating their patients with these advancements. They were trained by the experienced hygienist Jodi Deming. She is leading the nationwide charge for a revolutionary way to deep clean your teeth and gum line in the most non-invasive way possible. Is it possible to have a day spa dental cleaning experience? Jodi joins Dr. Shoup to discuss all the details.

Gripping and Chilling Stories from the 2022-23 Kenyan Mission Trip

Featured in this episode : Dr. Shoup is joined by his Patient Health Coordinator Angela Ward, who traveled with him to Kenya recently for daily dedication to treating as many children as they possibly could. They faced logistical challenges; from transporting equipment, to maximizing supplies, to treating patients that have never had dental treatment before. All while facing many young patients’ physical and emotional challenges. Dr. Shoup and Angela take us through their entire journey.