What Part of Fashion Does the Human Body Mimic?

Featured in this episode : Do you remember when it was cool to wear turtlenecks? And then there were some fake turtlenecks going on for those who wanted an easier solution underneath their sweaters and sport coats. So what does that fashion trend have to do with your gum line and your long term gum health?

Horrible Dental Stories that Could’ve Been Prevented

Featured in this episode : Waiting for dental treatment has many drawbacks. But this episode includes a couple new patient stories that will guarantee to make you take action sooner rather than later. One story involves someone putting up with a gradual wearing down of their teeth after years of grinding problems. They finally decided to see Dr. Shoup after eating steak and other decent meals became impossible.

The Dr. Shoup Blueprint Treatment Planning Process is Unmatched

Featured in this episode : How does the philosophy of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People relate to the Dr. Shoup patient treatment planning process? And how is this approach different from most dentists’ treatment plan philosophies? It has a lot to do with measured and meticulous pre-planning, while thinking through several different results scenarios, with the ultimate goal of preventing a dental problem from ever occurring again. And regretfully most dentists these days take the alternate reactive approach that leads to so many issues a patient with Microscope Dentistry by Shoup will never have to face.

Why London Loves Dr. Shoup and His Team

Featured in this episode : A dentist traveled all the way from London to spend several days from dawn to dusk at Microscope Dentistry by Shoup. What did she learn? What does she think about Dr. Shoup’s professional treatment approaches and his team’s patient interactions? Plus, the doctor addresses why the planet earth will outlive humans despite everything we’re doing to destroy it. And you must not miss Don’s new patient testimony. Based on all of his years as a dental patient, he was convinced Dr. Shoup would be yet another dental barbarian.

Dr. Shoup Squashes Heated Root Canal Procedure Rumors

Featured in this episode : There is a ground swell of online community support that questions the purpose and validity of root canals. There are many people who also believe that a tooth which needs a root canal doesn’t really have any nerve issues, so why treat a tooth that will probably provide no pain? And, the doctor addresses why many general practice dentists provide the root canal procedures themselves, rather than what Dr. Shoup professionally suggests : which is outsourcing to a much more experienced Endodontist. Listen to hear the insider industry truth.

Dr. Shoup is Studying Cutting Edge Chemistry-What Are the Patient Benefits?

Featured in this episode : Look out Bill Nye, Dr. Shoup is becoming your next science guy. What does cutting edge chemistry have to do with modern day dental restorations? It has a lot to do with the process of bonding. Dr. Shoup has been spending several hours during his weekends conferring with industry experts to stay ahead of the curve to ensure his patients’ restorations last much longer than what other dentists are accomplishing. Why are other dentists’ restorations failing much sooner than they should? Hear all the details.

Does One Toothpaste Stand Far Above the Rest?

Featured in this episode : What are the differences between all those toothpastes you see on the shelves? Are there big quality differences? How does each toothpaste treat your teeth? Is it possible that the best way to clean your teeth does not even involve toothpaste? Dr. Shoup has done the research, hear all the details.

Many Patients Face No Choice but Implants-Dr. Shoup Has an Alternative Solution

Featured in this episode : Going down the road of replacing a missing tooth with an implant is always a difficult decision for patients. Many dentists out there propose a certain type of bridge procedure coupled with grinding down teeth around the open space and then placing crowns on those surrounding teeth. Dr. Shoup has a better bridging process solution and it involves the material Kevlar.

Show Your Dentist a Dr. Shoup Training Video-Their Reaction Will Tell You Everything

Featured in this episode : Dr. Shoup offers to train dentists all over the world on a consistent basis. His preservation of the teeth modern day techniques are regretfully not a regular practice of most dentists these days, especially in the United States. And sometimes these dentists see what they need to do to be more thorough and they refuse to take the next training steps. Dr. Shoup has a proposal for patients who are facing procedures like fillings, sealants and crowns. Show your dentist a video of how the procedure should be done. If your dentist disagrees or does not understand the instructions…then you need to get out of that chair and leave their office. Hear the insider truths now and how long your dental work should actually last.

A Patient Was Pressed by Previous Dentist for Several Crowns-Dr. Shoup Disagreed

Featured in this episode : The value of second opinions sometimes cannot be measured by money. Especially when it comes to your personal whole mouth and whole body health. In this instance, it’s two fold. A patient that Dr. Shoup treated a couple decades ago was at a different dental office. That dentist retired, then the new dentist that took over that practice all of the sudden suggested several new crowns, the hygienist pressed for the same procedures to be done as soon as possible. Wouldn’t you know, that one of the teeth they wanted to grind down and place a crown on, was a tooth Dr. Shoup treated several years ago. How has that tooth held up? Did this patient need the new treatment regimen they were suggesting?