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Welcome to another wealth of information section of The Dr. Shoup Show website. Every week we interact with an industry insider who is part of Dr. Randy Shoup’s extensive world-wide experts’ network. Hear the exclusive interviews below and then check out the featured websites discussed with our experts.

Bea White - Popular Retail Ingredients You Must Avoid

Dr. Shoup discusses with our expert guest Bea White, well known retail products in the United States that are banned in Europe. Over a thousand ingredients used in the United States have yet to be banned. Why is that? And what product ingredients should you avoid to prevent serious future health problems? Listen now to find out.

And visit Bea White’s website by clicking here to learn more and to see The List of Ingredients to Avoid.

Dr. Scott Nall - Treating Joint and Muscle Problems with Ozone Therapy

Dr. Shoup’s Ask the Expert segment featured Dr. Scott Nall, an Osteopathic Specialist based in Indianapolis. They discuss how ozone treatment methods can replace invasive surgery. Have a muscle injury? Are you considering joint replacement? You may not need to go under the knife. Listen to the doctors discuss a modern day solution to a decades old surgical problem.

Learn more about Dr. Nall’s non-invavise Osteopathic treatment methods by seeing some more information here.

Bethany Piziks-Gareiss - Equine Gestalt Coaching Method

Dr. Shoup brings to light an alternative to traditional counseling. This is not just a new alternative to sitting down with a psychologist. Our guest has also seen this method improve their participants’ concentration, relieve their stress and help them further exceed in the business world with the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method.

Listen first, then learn more at the Braveheart Equine Coaching website.

Keeley Shoup - Cuddle Expert

There is a new trend for stress relief. Cuddling. That’s right, there is a professional treatment process for cuddling as a healthy way of relieving stress. Keeley Shoup, a professional practicing cuddle expert who practices in Chicago, joins Dr. Shoup to talk about this new fast growing treatment trend.

Learn more about Keeley and register for an upcoming Indianapolis cuddling event by clicking here.

Steve Anderson - CEO of Total Patient Services

Dr. Shoup welcomes the CEO of one of the nation’s leading companies striving to educate dental consumers on how to avoid mistreatment, unethical billing, and providing all the knowledge for choosing dentists who are doing everything right. So many dentists are just going through the motions, not staying up on technology and best whole health practices, listen now to what you should be looking for in a dentist.

Listen then click here to learn more about this trend setting dental consumer company.

Michael Byers - CEO of Cryo Point and Dr. Matt Borjab - Oral Surgeon

These experts discuss with Dr Shoup stem cell banking and what you can do to restore your teeth, bones, joints, and ligaments to their true form and appearance, by storing tooth stem cells earlier in life.

Dr. Gilbert - Author and Mouth Nutritionalist

Dr. Gilbert is the author of the book The 7 Simple Signs of Low Nutrition.

Grab your copy and learn more here.

Bradley Bale - M.D. Feature 1 - Prevent Heart AttackBradley Bale - M.D. Feature 2 - Prevent Diseases Today

Dr. Shoup welcomes a nationally recognized physician as they talk about preventing heart problems, stroke and diabetes. Dr. Bale is author of Beat the Heart Attack Gene.

Read more and buy his book here

Dr Dennis Abbott - Founder and CEO of Dental Oncology Professionals - Faculty Member of Baylor University Cancer Center

Dr Shoup interacts with one of the nation’s leading professionals in oncology treatment. Cancer found thorought the body that stems from the mouth, how it starts and how Dr. Abbott treats cancer of the organs and-or when it enters the bone structure. Listen for more must know health information.

Dr. Nathan Bryan - University of Texas Medical Center in Houston

Dr. Shoup talks with Dr. Bryan, the man behind a revolutionary cardiovascular health discovery and daily supplement that improves cardiovascular health, sexual performance, while dramatically improving circulation and many essential cardio health elements.

Learn more now about Neogenis products by visiting their website

Cal Orey - Nationally known author of The Healing Power of Chocolate

Dr Shoup welcomes Cal Orey on the show to discuss her popular simple approaches to fighting disease and maintaining optimum health. Read more about Cal Orey and Order Her Books Here.

Dr. Jay Beagle - Indianapolis, IN - Yet Known World Wide

Dr. Shoup received many questions from you his listeners submitted to this website asking when you need and when you do not need bone grafting. Hear Dr. Beagle explain the proper time and best procedure tactics for bone crafting and if it’s appropriate with implant implementation.

Bring Back Vitality Authors Lori and Bea - Water Intake Or Else
Lori and Bea Talk About Their Former Dentists Cutting Corners

During an exclusive in studio interview, Dr Shoup learns how Bea, who suffered from chronic pain and was constantly dealing with pain killer sideffects, came to the end of her rope, reached out to Lori and is living proof of how their proven natural daily tips will turnaround your body’s inflammation, sickness and low energy levels and experience more youthful skin!

And if you don’t know how much water you should be drinking every day according to your weight? You are heading for some serious health problems.

Hear the full studio interviews above and find out all you need to know about their Bring Back Vitality Book by Clicking Here

Sara Glitzer - Miss Indiana USA

Dr. Shoup talks to Sara about giving her the confidence she never had to take on and win beauty pageant competitions. Sara now passes on their collaborative initiatives to young woman and prepares them for success in all facets of life.

Learn more about Sara’s Spotlight Consulting firm and her successful beauty pageant career by Clicking Here

Dr. Ellis Neibuerger

Dr. Shoup talks to a nationally known expert on medical equipment, zeroing in on the risks of infection when dentists use rubber gloves during procedures.

Dr. Charles Blair - Charlotte, NC

Dr. Shoup had his dental practice evaluated with extreme detail by this nationally known dental practice and insurance expert. Hear what grade was handed down.

Carol Vander Stoep - Austin, TX

Dr. Shoup welcomes a nationally known dental hygeinest and author of the book – Mouth Matters. Learn about the best ways to be pro-active about dental health and why that horrendous drilling is really NOT needed.

Dr. Mark Multerud - St. Paul, MN

Dr. Shoup welcomes a world wide leader in the field of Microscopic Dentistry to explore what you must know before trusting your personal dentist. It makes a tremendous difference between staying in their dental chair or running from it!

Dr. Jay Beagle - Indianapolis, IN - Yet Known World Wide

Dr. Shoup welcomes Dr. Jay Beagle as they talk about the revolutionary new method of gum grafting. Gum tissue is no longer taken from the patient’s mouth, yet it is grown off site and literally sent to the oral surgeon to implement. You will not believe the medical advancement in this exclusive interview.

Dr. Saul Pressner - New York City, NY

Dr. Shoup welcomes a world wide leading microscopic dentist. Learn what every dental patient needs to ask their current dentist – and – if they answer your questions in a certain way…JUMP out of your chair and RUN out of their office. This interview will radically change your approach to what dentist you choose.

Dr. Kim Kutssch - Albany, Oregon

Dr. Shoup welcomes a world wide reknown “dental biologist”. They discuss the smallest particle that means everything to your tooth health and how WATER, yes, if you drink from water bottles, they can be more acidic than tap water!

See if your favorite bottled water is at the 7 or higher Good Level or Lower than 7 Bad Level – see the chart by clicking here.

Dr. David Minkoff - Clearwater, FL

Dr. Shoup talks with one of the world’s brightest physicians, known for training world leading athletes and curing his wife of mercury poisoning through natural treatment. Hear the incredible story of his wife losing nervous system and muscle control, and how Dr. Minkoff brought her back to a normal lifestyle.

Click Here to learn more about Dr. Minkoff and his revolutionary natural supplements and healing techniques.

Dr. Ellie Phillips - Rochester, NY

Dr. Shoup welcomes the British trained, former resident of Great Britain, long time resident of Switzerland, world reknown Dr. Ellie Phillips. They discuss why she believes when you follow her steps, you will never need to see the dentist ever again!

Visit Dr. Ellie Phillip’s Exclusive Online Ultimate Oral Health Guide – Click Here

Dr. Richard Nagelberg - Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Nagelberg talks about the incurable dental disease that will stay with you until the day you die.

Angela Ward - National Dental Industry Consultant

Angela traveled from Austin, Texas to join Dr. Shoup in the radio studio. They discuss how dental insurance companies are never looking out for their customers and what you need to know to prepare for your dental insurance gaps.

Dr. Maria Longo from Brookline, Massachusetts - Restoring
Damaged Teeth From Grinding

Dr. Shoup and Dr. Maria Longo reveal how much damage you can do to your jaw, facial muscles, eyes and more – just from grinding your teeth.

Dr. Chris Kammer - Prevent Serious Health Risks
Stemming From Your Gums

Dr. Shoup discusses with nationally known expert Dr. Chris Kammer how poor gum health has led to heart attacks, strokes and other serious consequences, leading to deaths every year. Prevent gum disease to stay alive.

Dr. Dennis Bailey from Colorado –
Serious Threat to Children Sleep Disorder

Dr. Shoup discusses with Dr. Bailey how sleep apnea in children, if not detected during their young years, can lead to life-long physical and mental problems.

World-wide leading Dental Lab Technician – Leon Hermanides

Dr. Shoup brings to light, with Leon’s help, how you must know where your dentist is purchasing their treatment products and tools. Why? There is a fast growing trend of cheaper and cheaper dental products being used from China and even Mexico, the Philippines and other Asian countries.

Dr. Rod Tataryn – Root Canal Specialist from Spokane - WA

Dr. Shoup uncovers how a root canal specialist can cure sinus infections and many nasal problems.

Karen Davis from Dallas – Fight Bad Radicals
In Your Body with Anti-Oxidants

Dr. Shoup interacts with dental hygienist speaker and author Karen Davis about cutting edge health care products to help maintain healthy cells throughout your

Your smile is an investment! Keep it in tip-top condition with antioxidant-infused oral care. Click Here to see how Periosciences leading technology helps prevent serious diseases that start in your mouth.
Free radicals are bad news for your body and sustaining health at any age. Click Here to see how a master regulator medicine fights for your good cells!
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